We would like to thank you for the opportunity, appreciation and interest you put in our company and services.


Enough also said about our recruitment, we are a fully integrated experts in HR and IR, herewith we offer you not only excellent  recruitment but also training, Human Resource and Industrial relation with add on value of CCMA, Labour Court  and other forum [bargaining councils] representation.

We would like to approach the HR/IR accordingly:

  • HR audit and advice;
  • HR procedures and directives;
  • IR procedures and update;
  • IR assistance, facilitation in all processes;
  • 24 Hours assistance and development;
  • Compliance with the workplace law;

In short, what is HR and IR, human resource is the development and managing principles of the employee in the workplace with job description, appraisals and enormous amount utilities for the employer to ensure productivity and compliance. IR [industrial relations] is the process in which you will manage the workforce in the workplace, union negotiations, disciplinary enquiries, performance measures, absenteeism, strikes, contract of employment and conflict management etc.

We are able to assist you within the workplace with the relevant issues to your need.  Cost effectively and effective staff management processes, policies and employment relations.

We trust that you find a solid solution from our Company and service excellence.


An added package on offer is the Human Resource System.

The Human Resource System is a DIY system for all sizes and types of businesses, based on the latest developments wihtin the labour field. Each document you will receive is write-protected and cannot be copied, in order to preserve copyright. All documentation are in pdf format. Document are grouped under the following categories: Contracts of Employment, Disciplinary admin, General admin, Labour Acts, Retrenchment Admin, Training admin, to name just a few.

By registering your copy of the Human Resource System, you will receive a monthly e-newsletter containing the latest developments in the labour field. The system will be updated on a regular basis and commensurate with important changes and developments.

For more information on this package, please contact us.


  • Full:  Payroll, HR & IR
  • Chairing disciplinary enquiries
  • Telephone advise on labour issues
  • Assistance to strikes, retrenchments
    and other related matters, etc.
  • CCMA/Bargaining Council representation
  • Labour Court representation
  • General Legal advice
  • WC & tax request for “good standing”
  • Polygraph Tests
  • Formal Investigations

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